Business breeds business

We are finally in the new Liverpool office and it is all very positive so far…


We are now in our fourth week in the office and it is already starting to feel like home. Rachel Smith, the new Office Manager has been working hard to get all the finishing touches in place and I think comments such as "It's my favourite Sellick Office," (from an anonymous group Sellick employee) is testament to everybody's hard work in finding the right space and location for the business.


What has been interesting is how business breeds business. The office opening in Liverpool has already generated business for other local companies. We have given business to a property agent, our landlord, through employing a cleaner for the office, for people to install our blinds and new signs for the windows - and more. There has been a range of services that we have required in order to get the office up and running. Sellick Partnership opening in Liverpool has without doubt generated business for other local companies that can only be a positive for the area. We ourselves can then only hope that as more businesses are attracted to the region, we will see the return.


We have already attended a few networking events in the area and there is a really positive feel that business is on the up. We are very excited at what the future holds for Sellick Partnership Liverpool.

29 March, 2012

By Abigail Day

Abigail Day


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