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I recently read an article that criticised recruiters for calling candidates when the purpose of the call wasn't specifically about a new position. The author condemned recruiters for calling candidates solely for 'leads' on jobs, and only doing it for personal gain. This is something that greatly irritated me. As Resourcer on the Legal team it is my primary focus to keep in touch with candidates and ensure that we are up to date with where our candidates are up to work wise. So why do I do this?

If I am calling you without information on a role is my call pointless? I don't think so. For me, from the moment I register a candidate I want to establish a working relationship that can be built upon. It's not just about understanding a candidate's job requirement, but also about understanding their personal situation. As locum recruitment specialists there are numerous factors to consider when finding the right job for the right candidate such as family commitments, extra curricular activities, working environments, team fit, working culture and much more. The only way to fully grasp the extent of someone's needs is to gradually build a working business relationship.

The collaboration of numerous processes (such as CV advice and interview preparation) ensure that our candidates are being represented in the best possible way, and hopefully feel satisfied with the service that we have provided.  Offering this level of service comes from maintaining regular contact with candidates and having a professional, consultative approach.

Frustrating as some candidates may find it when being called without a potential role, each call is another step towards gaining mutual understanding of what both parties offer to the working relationship. I personally know of a number of candidates whom I have had frequent contact with for several months. I haven't necessarily called them with a role each time, it does however provide the opportunity to keep up to date with candidates personal situations and also to gain mutual confidence in each other as candidate and resourcer.

With competition being so rife between recruitment agencies, there has to be an element that separates you from the rest. I personally think that element is 'keeping in touch'.

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9 May, 2012

By Laura Hayward

Laura Hayward


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