In recent years the increased cuts and constant restructuring in the work place have resulted in flatter structures, with fewer opportunities for employees to progress internally. Given that it is well documented that employees' perceptions of organisational support for development are intrinsically linked to turnover and job performance, this trend seems somewhat ludicrous from a business perspective.


With this in mind, Sellick Partnership has devised a career progression strategy that I think makes it stand out from the crowd. The company appreciates individual energy, commitment and commercialism and nurtures these skills with great pride. Organic growth is key to the Board of Directors. They work alongside a number of award-winning recruitment training organisations which, coupled with the internal training programme, provides us with the skills to reach the next level.

Individual talent and contribution to the business is key and greatly appreciated. The idea of the strategy is to provide every individual with the tools to be the best. The aim is to improve each individual's career within a fixed period of time; setting goals that will challenge and motivate people, with realistic dates for completion of each task. This strategy caters for employees at every level of the business, regardless of their specialist area. This is achieved by regular training sessions, both internal and external, refresher courses and new challenges.



Having been part of Sellick Partnership Legal for 15 months, last December I was provided with the next step on my own coherent career development path. My bespoke training programme is designed for me to progress to Senior Consultant within a six month period. As such, I have spent the last five months completing a number of tasks in order to further develop my own, and Sellick Partnership's, reputation in the South East.



I am really enjoying the challenge and for me it has been great to have a new focus with diverse tasks to perform. I have gained a greater understanding of my clients' needs and have broken into unknown territory, planning a CPD event for childcare lawyers has been a particular highlight. If all goes according to plan, I shall present before the Board after my honeymoon in June and will be promoted. To be given the opportunity to do this within a six month period is fantastic, and reiterates Sellick Partnership's commitment to its employees.



The culture of  Sellick Partnership very much encourages an open and transparent working environment, which is paramount as an employee. Every single person is continually encouraged to achieve his or her ambitions and the monthly reviews and annual appraisals we receive enable us to speak our minds, discuss our needs and suggest any improvements or changes that we would like to see implemented. I feel very lucky to be part of such a positive organisation, particularly given the current market and its trend to de-prioritise career progression.



For more information on joining Sellick Partnership's team, please contact Debbie Kaba on 0161 834 1642.

1 June, 2011

By Kate Jasper

Kate Jasper


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