Service Provision – The Science Bit

At Sellick Partnership we always aim to provide a high quality service. But like most other service providers we don't often take time to consider the science behind what we do. Taking a few minutes to read this blog may provide some food for thought regarding service provision and the theory behind it…


Compared with other economic activities, a service can be distinguished according to the following four characteristics:


· Intangibility
· Inseparability
· Variability
· Perishability


As well as acting as a key identifier, these qualities highlight some of the complexities involved in service provision. Let's take intangibility for example - this relates to an end product that can't be held, touched or directed as easily as say, a tin of baked beans. The variability element relates to the presence of both personnel and customers in the supply chain, these being individuals with complex thought patterns who are again less easy to control than say, a pint of milk.


Contrastingly, much like a staple food product, our product is perishable and if we are not timely when handling matters, opportunities may pass by and key stakeholders could be left unsatisfied. The final factor to mention is inseparability, which demonstrates how our customer can also be our supplier, who can also be our end product; hence quite a complex scenario.


Albeit intricate, service provision is critical to society today. Moreover, when managed effectively, it can deliver great tangible and intangible benefits to organisations, employees, suppliers, customers and the general public alike.


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22 May, 2012

By Sellick Partnership

Sellick Partnership


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