Sorry, it’s just one of those things…

This is a response that I have been hearing all too often recently. A phrase that I believe people use too frequently as an excuse for poor workmanship, laziness and lack of accountability.

In my role I rely on a number of external suppliers to provide me with anything from branded pencils to corporate brochures - basically marketing collateral that we use to promote our brand. All products that cost money, time and effort to design, write and produce.

Once I have signed off the proofs, it is basically up to the suppliers to provide me with the finished goods.

In the last six months, on three occasions, the final products have been delivered with something wrong with them. Whether this has been that the logo (for some unimaginable reason) has been printed in the wrong colour, the incorrect quality of card has been used and on one occasion the logo was even missing!

Am I wrong in the thinking that when you produce something - you check it, whether that is to check the formatting, the spelling or the content, your final product should exactly replicate the final proof that was signed off by your customer i.e. me. Surely that is the whole point of providing a proof?

So what is my reaction when such slapdash mistakes are made... mainly frustration, but also disbelief that businesses can afford for these errors to be made? Are the people that these businesses employ not accountable for their actions, or at least do they not have quality checks in place for their production lines. In the current climate, surely for any business their main objective is to develop a relationship that leads to repeat business and hopefully referrals? Plus with unemployment at an all time high, if you have got people that don't care about their job and are consistently making mistakes - I am pretty sure there is someone out there that would be able to do it better!

And to be told that 'it is just one of those things' does not really help the situation. I know if I made such careless errors in my job, my response would not be 'Sorry, it is just one of those things...'


26 March, 2012

By Anna Gibbons

Anna Gibbons


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