It is that time of year again when Sellick Partnership comes together for their annual 'Teambuilding' weekend which will be on Friday 8th July.

As you can imagine there is a real buzz around the offices as we all speculate over the activities and specific location, which we will be secretly taken to. Our marketing team have started to drip feed clues to the business, which is adding to our excitement and confusion of exactly where and what we will be doing. Each year has been different and challenging for all involved and as ever we have high expectations. What is in store for us?

Over the years we have taken part in a number of different activities including sailing, cooking, moutain biking, climbing Snowdon and producing a series of TV adverts, all of which have required a great deal of skill, team work and enthusiasm which we are not short of here at the Sellick Partnership.

For an employer there are a number of strategies that support teamwork, boost morale, increase productivity and promote staff retention. Organisations need to think creatively and reward their staff by other means where pay reviews are not available.

Director of Sellick Partnership, Jo Sellick provided me with his thoughts on teambuilding … 'any business of whatever size & type can positively benefit from teambuilding.  I am constantly amazed by the attitude and commitment shown by all Sellick Partnership's employees and it is truly inspiring working with them every day.'

Teambuilding is so important to the culture of Sellick Partnership and I am confident that it will remain a date in all of our diaries for years to come. It gives employees the opportunity to socialise and network between the office locations as well as a platform to address issues, through obtaining input from your professional peers who may be experiencing the same problems, and coming up with solutions that may not have occurred to you.

Having taken part in several of Sellick Partnership's teambuilding weekends I truly believe it is an event, which all employees look forward to and one which is well received and enjoyed across all teams.

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7 June, 2011

By Kerri-Ann Boyle

Kerri-Ann Boyle


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