Thanks to the team!

Starting any new job can be a daunting prospect but alongside feelings of dread and worry come feelings of excitement and anticipation. Joining Sellick Partnership has, luckily, filled me with the latter due to the overwhelmingly welcoming experience I have had.

Having previously worked in a recruitment role, I was enthusiastic about taking on the role of Resourcer within the Manchester Finance team, with the reassurance it would be a wide-ranging and dynamic role. Although it's still early days, the role has proven challenging and varied, which was exactly what I was hoping for prior to my move. 

Another reassurance I received upon meeting each member of the team was that the team dynamic was excellent, making each day in the office enjoyable. This, personally, was an important factor in my final decision to accept the role but, of course, is not something I could be entirely sure of without being in the office itself.
Upon my arrival in the office each and every member of staff I have met has been welcoming, friendly and willing to help. Further to this, the teams located around the UK have proven to be an infinite source of knowledge, aiding my learning and development. This open and warm reception has made my first month extremely enjoyable, meaning I've enjoyed being at work (that's right!) every day. This has moulded my initial feelings of excitement and anticipation into feelings of happiness and optimism about my forthcoming time with Sellick Partnership. Thanks to the team!

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3 June, 2011

By Gemma Purang

Gemma Purang


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