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Telephone interviews - what you need to know


by Sellick Partnership | 2 January 2014

Telephone interviews are an extremely important part of any recruitment process, especially if you are looking to start a career in recruitment. It needs to be taken very seriously as the phone interview, in addition to your CV, is your first chance to really portray yourself in the best light. You need to make a good first impression.

Before picking up the call, make sure you set aside enough time without any distractions or where you can talk freely and there is no background interference or any noises such as children, barking dogs or traffic.

Sellick Partnership carry out telephone interviews as a preliminary gauge of whether you will be considered as a serious candidate for a career in recruitment and whether or not we take it to the next stage - inviting you for a face-to-face interview. Don't be under the impression that the phone interview isn't a real stage of the recruitment process; a lot is at stake as to whether you will be invited for a face-to-face interview, so make sure you treat it with equal care and attention!

Telephone interviews need to be treated the same as you would a normal interview; you need to be focussed, make sure you have carried out thorough research about Sellick Partnership, what we do, how we have grown, our offices, ethos and culture. 

Recruitment consultants are relationship builders and this needs to come across at this early stage, to be able to engage with your point of contact and hopefully bring them to the point of wanting you to come in for a full face-to-face interview. 

You will be required to sell why you should be invited to this next stage, what excites you about the opportunity and working for Sellick Partnership, what transferable skills you have and what your strengths are. 

As with any interview, have key questions prepared, be innovative and think of questions outside of the norm, ensuring you stand out from the crowd. You need to demonstrate why you are interested in pursuing a career in recruitment and what attracts you to recruitment above and beyond any other sales role.

If you are a current candidate and you've finished reading my blog, I hope it has sparked some thought for you to digest prior to your telephone interview!

Alternatively, if recruitment is something you are considering and would like an initial chat prior to a telephone interview, do not hesitate to get in touch via e-mail on debbie.kaba@sellickpartnership.co.uk or visit our careers microsite for more information on current opportunities.