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A Series of Little Sprints...


by Sellick Partnership | 27 February 2014

Recruitment can be exhausting at times - combining long hours, trouble shooting and KPIs with people management (both internally and externally) with compliance and negotiations is enough to test the saintliest of people at times.

So why do we do it?

I have to admit that the last few weeks I have been asking my self this very question - and I love my job and my team.

I spent the first part of my commute to work last Monday pondering this at length - how can I possibly do everything I need to do to the best of my ability when there is only one of me and not enough time in the day?

I was part way through day dreaming about building some kind of device to distort the space time continuum when I caught the coverage on Davina McCall's 500 mile Sport Relief challenge, which I have to say sounded like hell on earth, especially based on the emotion coming through in her voice. The challenge was clearly pushing her to her mental and physical limits.

As the week progressed and my workload seemed to be doubling by the minute, I became more and more engrossed in following the radio coverage of this Sport Relief challenge. It seemed that grit, determination and a good team of people, family and friends were the drivers behind successfully completing this immense challenge, ultimately resulting in raising money and awareness for an amazingly worthy cause.

Obviously, this challenge is of course nothing like my working week - or recruitment for that matter - nor am I likening myself to Davina McCall but the fundamentals are the same. Grit, determination and a good team will get you through most things (and for everything else there's chocolate!)

What helps you to get through the working week? Leave your thoughts and techniques below.