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Looking back over 2013...


by Sellick Partnership | 03 February 2014

Over the last 12 months, our company blog has seen over 300 articles posted, including pieces on workplace politics, advice for job seekers, and what working in recruitment is really like. Were the most read items of the year regarding issues of the time, or did something else take top spot? 

2013 saw some major events - the passing of both Nelson Mandela and Margaret Thatcher, the birth of a prince, the resignation of the Pope, and the complete shutdown of the United States Government to name but a few.
From a recruitment perspective, a number of trends have hit the headlines, including a vast uptake in the number of mobile job seekers, an increasing number of people taking on locum work, and businesses having to work to increasingly tight budgets whilst retaining high performance rates.
We also saw a more positive outlook in regards to the job market, with the number of those out of work falling 99,000 to 2.39 million in October, and the unemployed rate of the 'economically active' population failing to the 7.4% - the lowest it had been since 2009. 

So, were the above topics our most read, or did something else take the top spot? 

With 14,000 visitors across the year and 26,500 page views, the top posts we wrote and published in 2013 were: 
5.   My cousin - the Arsenal midfielder 
4.   Bullying in the workplace 
3.   Those who can't do and those who just won't - it's all about attitude 
2.   How ethical is today's recruitment arena? 
1.   Sellick Partnership are going mobile 

Coming in as the 5th most read a piece by Abigail Day, manager of the Liverpool Office, about her cousin's success in football and how far the fight for women's equality has come but still needs to go. This theme was discussed on a number of occasions in the press, most recently with the coverage regarding the lack of female representatives on the boards of PLCs. 
Numbers 4, 3 and 2 are all regarding workplace politics and issues that many of us face on a daily basis. All written by the same member of staff - Newcastle based consultant, Danielle Wainman - it seems her popularity stems from discussing topics that are sometimes seen as 'off limits,' including questioning the way recruitment agencies sometimes work.  
Coming in at number 1 was our announcement of the launch of our mobile optimised website, allowing candidates to search for new roles on the move via their phone or tablet. We're always trying to stay one step ahead of our competition and this move allowed us to do so; with an easy search function, ability to sign up to job alerts and log-in to a current Sellick Partnership account, this really was a development with the modern job seeker in mind. 
What will be the most popular subjects for 2014? With a range of events coming up in the next 12 months - the Commonwealth Games, Scottish Referendum, the heating up of campaign strategies by all political parties - it's sure to be a year of opinion.