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Celebrating Valentine's Day in the Workplace...


by Sellick Partnership | 25 March 2014

You may not have noticed, but it's Valentine's Day. Correction - of course you have noticed.

In the weeks building up to the 14th February, we are subjected to shops cluttering themselves with chocolates, flowers and all things heart shaped! With the average spend per person totting up to a not-to-be-sniffed at £119 - Valentine's Day is big business.

And like every commercialised 'holiday', it's easy to forget the meaning behind Valentine's - a day which we are encouraged to announce our love to partners, family and friends.

But how about those we spend the majority of our daily lives with - our colleagues?

Sellick Partnership recently conducted an online survey on how much people loved their jobs. With 100 participants, the survey produced some interesting results...

Considering the economic climate over recent years, salary did not come out on top as the most favourited aspect of a job. Instead, more than 50% claimed what they most love about their job is the people that they work with! It also seems that we want to spend as much time out of the office with our colleagues as we do at our desks, with 50% frequently spending free time with co-workers.

Perhaps this also attributed to the huge 82% who declared they loved their jobs!

Perhaps employers should see today as an opportunity to praise their workforce and celebrate their hard work. With results showing 70% of people ready to take any opportunity to further their career, job satisfaction seems to go hand in hand with company loyalty.

Should companies show their appreciation to their employees on Valentines? Take a look out some of our statistics from our survey and let us know your thoughts.