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How to survive a long(er than expected) job search


by Laura Davies | 19 March 2014

The great news at the moment is that the job market is definitely starting to move.

The Midlands office has had a really busy start to the year, with vacancies registered in January and February up compared to Q4 of last year. Even more encouragingly, clients are investing in permanent support -so the signs are promising!

However, many candidates are still looking at a lengthy job search either due to redundancy or simply looking for a move now that the market is changing. Candidates with niche skills can find that roles are few and far between, but when they see the right role they stand a high chance of success compared to candidates with broad skills who might have more jobs to apply for but more competition.

A lot of candidates are continuing to gain confidence and are no longer prepared to commute for miles or take pay cuts to secure a new role.

A long job search can be mentally and emotionally - never mind financially - draining. Candidates start to get exasperated, and this then seeps into their applications, interviews, and general day to day activities.

There is a lot of guidance and advice out there for candidates to help manage their job search. Personally my biggest tip to candidates looking for work, especially those who are out of employment during their search, is to only apply for jobs that you have the experience to do. Don't punish yourself by applying for jobs that are the complete opposite of your current work history.

By all means push yourself - consider a job slightly above or lower than your current level of exposure but applying for a CIMA qualified accountant role when you're currently a purchase ledger clerk will only make you feel more exasperated with your job search.

At the end of a week, you want to feel like you've sent five strong applications to five strong prospect job roles, and had three responses - not applied for 50 irrelevant and unachievable roles and only had three responses.

The ratios will make you feel like a failure when you're not; you're a job seeker in a competitive market.

I'd love to hear more about your 'coping' mechanisms when job searching. How do you stay motivated? Leave your thoughts below or contact me on 01782 572700 for a confidential discussion about your current job situation.