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Interview Tips and Tricks


by Stephanie Tasker | 31 March 2014

I recently met with a candidate who displayed all the traits of how not to interview, provoking me to think back over all of the people I have met throughout my career in recruitment.

It's very easy to fall in to bad habits when it comes to interviews, so here are some of my tips on what not to do - it is so important that you are thinking about that way in which you portray yourself through the way you dress, how you speak and your overall behaviour.

A big red light for interviewers is talking negatively of previous experiences, whether that be with colleagues, companies or management. It doesn't reflect well on yourself if you discuss things in a negative manner; be positive and, if there is something negative to discuss from past experiences, make sure to include a positive angle.

Another classic we often receive after a candidate interviews is that they went on a tangent before answering any questions, discussing things that were not relevant to the question or do not offer any value at all. Be specific. Answer the question that was asked and be informative. You have a question A - so answer it with B. Don't go to point C and D before getting to onto B (or perhaps not even reaching it!)

You must also remember to be appropriately dressed, no matter the role or company you are interviewing for. Avoid simple mistakes like wearing overly garish colours, revealing too much cleavage, or not taking the extra time to shine your shoes. Be dressed for the role you want - first impressions count for a lot and will get you off to a good start.

And finally a weak handshake...what's that about! Learn to have a strong handshake as it counts for a lot, showing confidence and giving a strong first impression.

If you need any help with interview techniques or would like to discuss your current career situation, then please do not hesitate to contact me on 0161 8341642 or e-mail stephanie.sheard@sellickpartnership.co.uk.