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Put a spring into your job search!


by Sellick Partnership | 25 March 2014

Manchester might be renowned for its rain, but the transformation that's made in sunny weather is quite remarkable. Not only does the sunshine bring a sense of change and renewal, but also we feel a change within ourselves as we leave behind dark winter nights and anticipate the summer months ahead.

Taking on-board an "out with the old, in with the new” approach - many of you might be considering a new job or a change of direction entirely. Should you be slogging it out in your final year of University, you might think to save your job search until after graduation, but there are opportunities to be missed! Every year, employers are bombarded with graduate applications at the start of the Summer, so why not cut through the noise, dust off your CV and begin your fast track route to getting yourself a job?

Here are some tips to help get you started:

Making contacts

So you have the 'what you know' but what about 'who you know?' Using social networking sites such as Linkedin, Twitter or even Facebook can be used to your advantage by approaching employers and decision makers directly. Don't be afraid to draw attention to yourself and making your talents known. Experience starved graduates have even been known to land themselves intern roles just by tweeting company executives! 

The old-fashioned job hunt

Traditionally, a jobseeker might have bought a newspaper and circled job advertisements - nowadays the market has shifted online and there are more job boards available now than ever. However this also means competition is rife, so if you have the experience - sign up to a specialist recruitment firm who can do all the leg work for you!

Research is key

With job roles constantly evolving and adapting to new trends and changes, new positions are often created. Have you ever considered a career in recruitment for instance? This is an ideal career for those who have a drive to succeed in an ambitious and passionate environment with many rewards to reap.

Is there a particular employer or brand you want to work for? Create a list of ideal companies and decide what it is you like most about them - is it the culture or beliefs and values that have caught your attention the most? Research the company further by adding them via social media sites or contact them directly to ask about any future or available positions. 

We have a number of graduate opportunities available at Sellick Partnership - click here for further information http://www.sellickpartnership.co.uk/work-for-us/careers