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The Ethics of Recruitment Agencies


by Sellick Partnership | 12 March 2014

Recruitment agencies are often wrongly portrayed as "the big bad wolf” of the business world and money hungry individuals out for themselves. As we see the economy strengthening in 2014, the need for staff will increase, as will the need for assistance.

There are two angles we can use to look at recruitment agencies - that of the client and the candidate. I will focus on recruitment agencies from a client's perspective, but for a broader overview you can also view my colleague Danielle's blog "How ethical are today's recruitment agencies?"

From a client's perspective, agency calls can be 'annoying' but at the end of the day it's important that recruiters know the layout and culture of the teams they are recruiting into. Whilst qualifications are important, "team fit” has a huge impact on whether or not a placement will be successful in the long run. If we are given the chance to get to know a client, we can then understand how particular personalities will fit within their team.

We understand that line managers are busy and will not always have the time to speak to us, but the unpredictable can occur - such as illness - within teams and then we would have to spend time getting to know a line manager and details of the position, rather than already knowing who would be a good fit and have the ability to place immediately.

There is also an argument that agencies can be seen as expensive, but it's important to remember our service is free until we find and successfully offer a candidate. We provide the vital communication between organisations and potential staff as we have the resources and time to focus on recruitment, saving time of the hiring managers who can focus on the day to day running of the business.

When working on any role, we interview, check qualifications, and ensure candidates can perform any technical tasks required in the role, providing the hiring managers with a shortlist - saving them time in going through potentially irrelevant CVs.

Recruitment consulants are critisised for having have little or no experience in the industry or field in which they are working, but we are specialists in our markets and can consult on salaries for a range of jobs in a variety of regions, and can provide advise on why a company may be struggling to recruit.

If there is a niche role and a company has exhausted their usual recruitment avenues, we can draw on our candidate database and advise on individuals with a similar skillset. We can identify what makes a good candidate and what makes an excellent candidate due to our tailored training and extensive one-to-one mentoring within Sellick Partnership.

Sellick Partnership value the service we give to candidates and clients alike. We are a member of APSCo, a trade body dedicated to representing the interests of the UK Professional Staffing industry, ensuring we provide only the highest levels of service.

If you're currently recruiting for a position within your business, contact me on 0191 2618585 or e-mail hayley.coulthard@sellickpartnership.co.uk for an initial discussion or with any questions you may have.