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The Power of Social Media


by Sellick Partnership | 1 April 2014

This week, we've seen two heart warming stories emphasising the power of social media dominate the news.

The first of these tells the story of Katheryn Deprill - otherwise known as "The Burger King baby" - who 27 years ago was left in a fast food restaurant. After a personal plea on Facebook to find her mother and the post being shared by 30,000 users, Katheryn was reunited with her mum.

The second was of the no makeup selfie photos that have raised more than £8 million for cancer research over an eight day period. The money raised from this trend will go to fund nine clinical trials and one tissue sample - a process that can be used for cancer diagnosis and analysis. A spokesperson for Cancer Research UK highlighted that they receive no government funding and all research is paid for through donations from the public.

What is apparent from both of these stories is that, without social media, a child would never have been reunited with her mother and significantly less research could have been carried out to cure cancer; although a post on social media may seem like a futile action, these are both examples of how much power can be created by the click of a mouse.

From a business perspective, the proper use of social media can promote an organisation in a positive light to both current and future customers, raising its profile in the markets in which they trade.

It's not necessarily a platform to drive direct sales, but rather make an impact and leave people remembering your name. 

At Sellick Partnership, our marketing department work continually to promote our business to both candidates and clients through a range of mediums. This is done through our main website, our mobile website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social media is the future and is going nowhere, so businesses need to embrace it - those who don't will be left in the cold.

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