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Don't forget to walk!


by Laura Hayward | 19 May 2014

There was an article on the BBC last week discussing 'purposeless walking' and - to be honest - this isn't something that I would do! However, it did prompt me to think about how important it is to get out and walk around or take it a bit more seriously with more frequent rambles in the countryside.

I have to admit that living in a city like Manchester can mean that, as public transport links are so good and efficient, day to day I really do not walk that much. This, coupled with working in an office environment, can mean that there is really not that much strolling around that happens Monday - Friday!

Having realised this, it is something that I am really keen to change.

I have recently become a dog owner and it's been the biggest positive change in my life in terms of having a great reason to go for a walk once if not twice a day. I'm not sure who gets more from it, me or the dog, but I absolutely love the excuse to go for a nice long walk in the countryside - and the great thing about living in Manchester is that within half an hour, you can be completely out of the city. Hugely accessible public transport does have its positives...

There are the obvious physical benefits of walking but there are also substantial benefits for your brain.

There have been numerous studies linked to the affect that aerobic exercise can have on your brain. This doesn't always mean going for a long run after work - one study claims that those who walk 5 miles a week have bigger brains and better memories. It can also help with your cognitive function in so far as helping you to stay alert and focused, and handling several different tasks at the same time more efficiently.

Working in the legal team at Sellick Partnership means that there are constantly new vacancies to fill, new candidates to speak to, and new tasks arising throughout the day, so it's essential for me to be able to multi task and think about several different tasks at once.

It may or it may not work, but I am certainly going to try and implement being stricter with myself over lunch time, and getting out and about for 20 minutes or so - this, combined with weekends and walking the dog will hopefully mean in total I will be over 5 miles per week. It may not seem like much at the time, but it's sure to benefit both my body and mind in the long run.

What tips do you have for staying alert and focused throughout the day? It would be great to hear your tips and suggestions in the comments below!