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Retaining Talent


by Sellick Partnership | 15 May 2014

"Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to.” - Richard Branson

A return in confidence in the market has recently led to an increase in new instructions for us from private practice law firms seeking experienced fee earners at all levels. With this in mind, we are now moving back into a recruitment market that is driven by talented and experienced candidates rather than job opportunities.

The solicitors, legal executives and paralegals that were most effected during the recession, such as residential conveyancing and commercial property fee earners, now have numerous employment opportunities available to them and no longer have to stay in a role that they have been unhappy in.

So, how can you ensure that you don't suffer a mass exodus of experienced lawyers in a buoyant market? The answer may seem simple enough however a lot of employers seem to be missing the mark...treat your employees well!

When I speak with candidates regarding their search for a new role, I am keen to understand what lies at the heart of their unhappiness and also what factors have influenced their decision to make a change. More often than not it is not the obvious factors such as pay and benefits that are the main prompt for candidates to seek a new challenge. In addition to the qualitative information gained during my daily conversations with candidates, we also recently conducted a survey asking what candidates love the most about their job - and only 10% of the respondents said their salary and company benefits.

Instead, most candidate unhappiness stems from lack of recognition, lack of communication from senior leadership leading to disengagement and dissatisfaction, no career development or career progression, and failure to provide feedback on performance leaving employees feeling undervalued.

When I speak to clients regarding recruitment and retention within the North West legal market at the moment, I am always keen to emphasise that aside from salary and benefits packages, it is the reward and recognition, career progression and employee involvement and participation they can provide to candidates that will set them apart on the legal employers market.

Here at Sellick Partnership we are here to help. If you feel that you are undervalued, we will help you find a private practice law firm that will value your skills. If you would like a confidential conversation regarding the North West private practice legal market and the options available to you please do not hesitate to contact me on 0113 2439775.