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Is your CV relevant to the role you're applying for?


by Sellick Partnership | 28 August 2014

As simple as it sounds, ensuring your CV will grab the attention of prospective employers is a struggle that many people face. I am regularly asked by individuals who have relevant experience for a role how exactly their CV will be considered against all other candidates applying for the same position.

In recent years, competing for a job has been tougher than ever. With higher education giving people more access to roles and temporary work allowing people to gain experience across different industries, the market no longer appears to allow an 'easy path' into a career.

As I have mentioned, ensuring that your CV grabs the attention of an employer is no easy task but it comes down to one activity - spending time on the document and presenting yourself in the best possible manner.

This document is where you can confidently show off your skills, attributes and relevant experience that you have to offer the company that you are applying for.

CVs can be made to be overcomplicated - this is usually due to individuals worrying they will not stand out if they do not include a whole life story of their career. However, keep in mind that many employers are pressed for time and facing tight deadlines, so they are looking for a shorter CV, demonstrating that you have the capability to walk into the role and with your experience shine in their company. They can ask for further detail at interview stage...

In my own personal experience, having a clear and concise (and most of all, relevant) CV is more important than giving an employer a rundown of your whole career;

  • Tailor your CV with your transferable and most relevant skills that fit the particular job description a potential employer has provided
  • Highlight experience that is relevant to the job requirements and prove your ability to operate successfully in the role - this is how you'll find yourself at the top of the CV pile
  • Use your LinkedIn profile for a more detailed profile that the employer or hiring manager can view, and link to this in your CV if sending electronically.

If you would like to discuss your CV and have someone provide confidential advice on your current career ambitions, contact me on 01332 542580 or e-mail jthomas@sellickpartnership.co.uk - I look forward to hearing from you.