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What colour are you?


by Sellick Partnership | 4 August 2014

I'm a red with a hint of blue and green...

Personality plays a huge factor in both our personal and professional lives, but it's quite rare to find somebody who has actually studied how their actions affect those around them - however, the increasingly popular 'colour test' is encouraging people to do so.

Have you ever put flat pack together? Do you read the instructions (I mean really study them, counting all the screws, placing them in piles, getting all the tools that you will need lined up and instructions by your side at all times)? My partner does and he drives me crazy.

I, however, just get the closest thing that looks remotely like a hammer, instead of a screwdriver it's normally a knife out of the kitchen drawer, and I rip the packaging open and just get on with it. A quick glance at the instructions is all I need, though I will never let my partner know that - my competitive 'red' side showing - then when it's finally done, yes, there maybe spare screws and a door handle but it's up and I did it without instructions.

See the difference in approach? Imagine that in the work place.

In a working environment it can make an extreme difference to atmosphere and productivity if you don't consider personality fit and the way people learn. It's becoming more and more popular to look at the colour personality test and, from my experience, it is one of the most reliable and insightful assessments out there and I urge you all to try it and see what the results are.

Maybe you're competitive and driven, or you're the laid back artistic one, the methodical and analytic or the friendly mother hen type?

There is no wrong colour to be, and you can be a combination of all four, but it's all about understanding what makes you you.

If you've taken the colour test, let us know your results - has it affected your working life in any way?