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CV Terrors!


by Rayhaneh Tehrani | 2 December 2014

Kate Wilkinson started at Sellick Partnership in a junior role as a resourcing consultant and has recently been promoted to consultant.

She finds that more and more of her candidates are asking how they can improve their CV, and what they should and shouldn't include. So with this in mind, we've put together a list of the most common mistakes that candidates make when applying for a new role.

Here are some of those CV blunders to avoid…

1. Not putting your name, address and contact details at the top of your CV. This is a must - putting these at the top of your profile means a recruiter or potential employer can contact you easily. However don't take up half a side of A4 spacing this out - essentially taking the emphasis away from your experience.

2. Titling your résumé - "Curriculum Vitae” you have more important things to use this valuable space for!

3. Using a photo to header your CV. First impressions are everything - in finance and accountancy recruitment it's not about your appearance but your qualifications and experience. Perhaps when applying for a modelling agency, you can include that picture of you in all your finery. Until then, remember to keep your CV relevant to your working experience.

4. Keeping your CV to one page. This is a myth if you are a senior CFO and your list of achievements goes on beyond a page this isn't something to worry about. As long as all the information is all relevant and you haven't got reams of paper to send out - your new employer will want an extensive look at your experience.

5. Using an unprofessional email address. You wouldn't believe how many bizarre email addresses are used by professionals purely because they've made their account years ago! Take the time to update this and ensure your whole CV is consistently professional.

6. Talking about your previous roles in the present tense! This is one that's easily missed - if you've left the company talk about your responsibilities in the past tense.

7. Common mistakes - always re-read your CV ensuring you have correct punctuation, grammar and spelling throughout. It is incredible how many people still send out CV's with typos and grammatical mistakes in abundance!

8. Clichés - everyone is a 'team player' or can 'work independently'. Use your profile to build upon your core competencies bringing in some of your key achievements. This emphasises your credibility and sells your skills and attributes to your future employer.

9. Using tables and colourful borders to make your CV stand out. Your experience should speak for itself - be clear and concise. Anything extra added to your CV will drag the attention away from your experience.

10. Finally - don't lie! It seems ridiculous but even candidates who bend the truth even slightly will more than likely be caught out at interview stage.

If you would like further help or advice about updating your CV, call Kate Wilkinson on 0161 834 1642