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How to spot a good manager in your interview?

by Elizabeth Farry | 8 February 2016

When choosing your next career move there are a lot of factors to consider – Is this the right role for you professional? Is the location suitable for you? Will you be rewarded for your work? One of the most important factors, and most people seem to forget this, is the importance of working with an effective management team. 

What type of manager do you prefer to work with? How do you like to be managed? A relationship between a manager and their team will directly impact on the success of the department. If management is lacking this can led to individuals being less motivated, showing a lack of enthusiasm and ultimately an absence of productivity.

You may have a clear understanding on what management styles you prefer, however, do you spot these qualities at the interview stage? 

Many of us want to work with a Manager who is someone they like and will respect and admittedly it is not always easy to predict what the person will be like at interview stage. It is important to remember that an interview is a two-way process, and not only will the employer will be assessing you, you should also be considering whether they meet your criteria. I have included some questions below which you may want to ask yourself when meeting your potential future manager. 

  • If you have applied directly to a role, what were your first impressions? Did you find them approachable, cooperative, at ease?
  • At the interview stage, what was your gut feeling about your initial chemistry? Where you able to build a rapport with them?
  • How did they perform at interview? Where they engaging, clear and focused in their approach or did you leave feeling confused about the role which they interviewed you for? 
  • Insider information – do you know someone who has worked for this organisation or still does? Contact any people you know who may be able to give you an honest view. 
  • Are they interested? Have they really listened to what you have to say in-depth? 
  • Try and reveal their management style by asking questions such as “What might I expect from a typical day working with you and the team?”

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