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Locums and face-to-face interviews


by Sellick Partnership | 16 February 2016

Working as a professional locum has a lot of perks – you get flexibility over when you work, you can often set your rate, you get paid a premium compared to permanent members of staff and you get the chance to avoid all office politics! Another thing that locums can also miss are those dreaded interviews.

When most people are looking for permanent roles there are often gruelling interview processes, commonly three or four stages long. On the other hand, from my experience, 80 per cent of locum roles get booked from CVs alone. Locums are needed quickly for last minute cover and strong CVs and references are enough to satisfy clients. The other 15-18 per cent are telephone interviews. Although these are less daunting than face to face interviews, you still need to remember to prepare as it is an interview nonetheless – see Adam’s latest blog for some top tips about them. 

The remainder (2-5 per cent) will involve face to face interviews. A lot of locums will be unsettled by the thought of these and some opt out altogether. However, these locums miss out on a great opportunity; face to face interviews allow you to judge and explore the role in a way telephone interviews don’t. For example:

  • These face-to-face interviews are often involved in longer term roles, like maternity covers and opting out could mean losing the job entirely
  • You get to see the environment you will be working in. You can judge the atmosphere and the feel of an office very quickly and can ultimately decide if you can see yourself working there – particularly if you are likely to be there longer than your average two week holiday cover
  • You may be able to explore the option of home working. Clients can be very put off at the thought of a stranger who they have spoken to once on the phone and seen a CV for, toddling off with confidential files – it involves a lot of trust. Meeting someone face to face allows the client to get a real feel for you as a person and for you both to discuss issues in more detail
  • Finally, what have you got to lose? You can develop your already good interviewing skills (which will come in handy for any type of interview), you get to build more business opportunities and networks and can ultimately land you that killer locum role.

For more information of locum opportunities, please contact me on victoria.blackwell@sellickpartnership.co.uk or call me on 0113 243 9775. Alternatively, check out our locum resources for additional information.