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The importance of a ‘strong’ support team


by Laura Smedley-Williams | 02 December 2016

Within each of our teams we have a ‘support team’ member such as a Receptionist, Administrator, Resourcer, Placement/Compliance Co-ordinator or Office Manager. Even despite our offices being situated across England our support teams have a strong working relationship, having the ability to communicate across the whole group frequently to provide vital support, advising on the best practices and processes and generally lending a helping hand.

The support team generally are the first point of contact for both internal and external customers within any business and it is crucial that their level of customer service and professionalism mirrors that of the business as a whole. Below is my advice on how best to achieve this:

As a business:

  • Lead by example – doing something in work hours that you wouldn’t want your support team doing can lead to bad habits in the office, for example personal mobile phone use.
  • Treat everyone with equal respect and importance – a colleagues role may be back office support, but their role and the work that they do is just as important.
  • Communicate – efficient communication  can save time, help solve issues and generally keeps everyone in the loop of what is going on.

As an individual:

  • Take pride in what you do, and in doing it well. 
  • Treat every customer as you would like to be treated – after all your customers will remember you for being nice. You could have had 10 great interactions and one ‘off’ day could muddy that relationship moving forwards.
  • Always remain polite and professional.
  • Where can you add value – going above and beyond enhances the customer experience and can develop your relationship with colleagues and customers.
  • Create an open culture- Share knowledge and skills with the rest of the support team to develop better practices and processes across the wider group.
  • Take ownership for any mistakes and learn from them.
  • Be proud of any successes/achievements.
  • Remember it’s about your internal relationships as well as your external relationships.

Within Sellick Partnership our support teams are an integral part of the work we do, and as a business we pride ourselves in offering equal support to all of our staff to ensure a positive and friendly working culture. 

To find out more about working at Sellick Partnership or if you wish to join our support team, check out the work for us section of our website.