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Q&A with Eleanor Malaney as part of National Apprenticeship Week


by Eleanor Malaney | 06 March 2018

As part of National Apprenticeship Week we decided to sit down with a few of our own apprentices to talk about their journey and what apprenticeships mean to them.In this edition we sit down with Apprentice Administrator Eleanor Malaney.

Why did you decide to take a role as Apprentice Administrator at Sellick Partnership?
At first it was the awards and accreditations that Sellick Partnership have achieved that really caught my attention. To have so many awards that demonstrate commitment to their staff was great to see. I was also struck by their successful apprenticeship scheme from hearing about it throughout the interview process. There are already a number of people in the business that have successfully completed their qualification and now working full time as permanent employees. That is exactly what I wanted to find. A company that would assist me in my learning, but somewhere I could also grow and develop professionally.

Why did you decide to take the apprenticeship route?
I have never really been that academic so I knew university was not going to be for me. I do not learn well that way. I much prefer learning whilst I am doing things, so learning whilst working was an obvious step for me to take. I was lucky enough to find an apprenticeship studying business administration through college which I thoroughly enjoyed. I then looked for a way I could take my qualification further and found Sellick Partnership.

Tell me about your first few weeks as an apprentice.
My first few weeks have been very busy but so enjoyable. The team at Sellick Partnership have really helped me get to grips with all the basics that are essential in recruitment – for example reviewing CVs, updating the CRM system and taking candidate calls. By learning the basics so early on I have great grounding, and now I feel like I am able to add value, and assist the teams in their day-to-day activities.

What has been your favourite part of being an apprentice so far?
The best and most interesting aspect of my journey so far has been learning from such knowledgeable people. Each and every employee at Sellick Partnership has something different to offer in terms of sharing their knowledge which is invaluable to my learning. I am learning so much about the legal sector and the recruitment industry, whilst developing my business admin skills at the same time, which I don’t feel I personally could have done if I had decided to go to university.

Where do you hope your apprenticeship will lead to?
At the moment I am still a little unsure of what direction I will eventually take. I know I want to continue learning about business admin and complete my apprenticeship. Sellick Partnership will support me and help me with whatever choice I make. I know there are a number of different routes I could take with the company, either within sales or the support teams. That is the great thing about doing an apprenticeship, you can learn on the job and work with the company you are in to find the perfect place and role for you.

Why do you think apprenticeships are important?
Apprenticeships give young people more opportunities to succeed. If it wasn’t for the apprenticeship route I am not sure what I would be doing. I know I did not want to go to university, but at the same time I know I want a successful career. This apprenticeship is giving me that opportunity. Not only am I able to learn from highly knowledgeable experts, but I am also working in a company that I can see myself growing and developing with.

What is your advice to anyone thinking about apprenticeships?
My biggest piece of advice would be to never be scared of asking too many questions. Being an apprentice is all about learning, and you should never feel scared, and think asking questions is wrong. This will help you expand your knowledge and grow with any business you are in and will grasping as much knowledge as possible will greatly improve your chances of being offered a permanent position at the end of your apprenticeship.

For more information on how an apprenticeship could be the route for you check out the apprenticeship section of our blog using the link below.