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Tips to beat Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year

by Sellick Partnership | 20 January 2020

Are you feeling depressed and unhappy in work? Does January seem to be going on forever? You might be feeling the effects of Blue Monday. Here are our top tips to banish those blues, and keep you motivated today and everyday throughout the year.

Penned as the most depressing day of the year, Blue Monday is the name given to the third Monday in January and is widely recognised as a day where people feel demotivated and in need of cheering up. A combination of bad weather, new year diets, failed resolutions, financial struggles and the distant memory of Christmas makes January a hard month to get through for many people.

Although there is no evidence to suggest that the effects of Blue Monday are real, we know how hard it can be to get back into the swing of things after the Christmas and New Year break. As a result, we asked people from across our business their best tips for surviving Blue Monday and staying motivated throughout 2020.

AnchorMake sure you have something to look forward to – Principal Consultant Kerry Norman

I’m a keen traveller, and I always make sure I have holidays planned throughout the year, so I have something to look forward to. After the rush of Christmas, it can be really hard to get motivated, so I think it is important to have something to work towards in the future. Whether that is a holiday, a personal milestone or even conquering dry January, having a goal or something to get excited about is hugely important for staying motivated in work, and at home!

Take some time away from social media – Senior PR & Content Executive Michael Macfarlane

We have become a society that is totally reliant on technology, which has its benefits, but it also has a big impact on the way we interact with each other and feel overall. The average person spends three hours per day on social media which is a huge chunk of your day. I therefore try and take some time away from my desk or switch off my phone whenever I’m feeling a bit down or de-motivated. We need to do more to stimulate our brain – especially around Blue Monday and more depressing times of year – to stay motivated all year round. My advice would be to think about reducing the time you spend on your phone and spend time doing other things like reading a book, going for a walk, learning a new skill or speaking with friends and family.

Get out in the fresh air! – Principal Consultant Kiran Purewal

The lack of light and bad weather during winter can often put people off going outside in January, but I think this is part of the reason people get so de-motivated. I would therefore urge everyone to try and get at least a few minutes outside per day. At Sellick Partnership we encourage people to go for walking meetings to get out and about and make the most of the limited sunlight. We need exercise and fresh air to stay feeling happy, refreshed and energised. Without it, people can become agitated and restless. Even if it is just for a short walk at lunch, get out for some air and to stretch your legs; it’s the combination of light, fresh air and movement that can make all the difference.

Smile - and turn your frown upside down – Office Manager/Senior Resourcing Consultant Rachel Smith

Smiling can be infectious, so I always advise people to smile as much as possible. A smiling person can lighten up the room which spreads positivity and can also help lift the mood of others. When you smile, you release a cascade of feel-good chemicals in your brain.  Smiling is also known to lower stress, so it is great for your health and wellbeing all round! 

Smiling people come across as more confident and are more likely to be approached which is key for establishing rapport and building relationships. Smiles help maintain attention, they bolster open body language, and give reassurance to others of your sincerity.  The more you smile the more positive you will feel.  A smile is powerful in many ways, it doesn’t cost a thing, can make a huge difference to someone, will never be out of fashion and is quite simply one of the best things that you can wear!

Get yourself organised – Managing Director Jo Sellick

A messy desk, or an unorganised diary can add to feelings of stress and anxiety, so this January think about spending a few hours getting everything ready for the weeks and months ahead. Every year I look through my diary from the previous year and always find opportunities and tasks I need to revisit. It can be a hugely cathartic process and help give you the motivation you need to be successful in the coming year.

While you’re at it, think about throwing away anything you don’t need, set yourself a key list of priorities and block out some time in your diary where you can relax, recharge and de-stress. That way you won’t burn out, and you will be able to stay on top of your game all year.

If you have any additional motivational tips you would like us to share, get in touch with us via email, or let us know on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn today.