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"Confidence is 80% of the gig"

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28 Oct 2015
This year I was fortunate enough to be enjoying a glass of Wine in California's famous region Nappa Valley.  Sat in a restaurant I overheard a conversation between - let's call her "a well to do lady” - and a waiter. The lady asked the waiter for his recommendation on his favourite wine. To which he replied; "I don't know I don't drink wine.” This didn't appear to be the answer the customer was looking for. In fact, she looked horrified.

I felt awkward for the poor waiter as I sensed that she was about to unleash an uncontrollable rage on him. However, before she could begin, he went on to display his knowledge of wine, the region etc. and recommended a few alternative wines to her.

She replied through gritted teeth; "Well you seem to know a lot about your wine considering you don't even drink it.” To which he then replied, "Confidence is 80% of the gig.” I felt like I was watching an American movie and wanted to applaud the young lad!

But his comment really made me think; as recruiters we know the importance that confidence can play in a candidate being offered (or not offered) a job after an interview.
We highly recommend that candidates prepare for interviews as much as possible as we all know - preparation breeds confidence. This of course involves doing the basics such as researching the company, visiting their website and carrying out some background research on the organisation's position in their market. However, it's the little extras that really give candidates a winning edge. This can include going on LinkedIn and familiarising yourself with successful individuals within the company, practicing your competency questions with a friend or partner, making sure that you use positive language to talk enthusiastically about your achievements and career aspirations. This may also include talking to an individual at the company before you enter the formal interview stage. There are many more tips that an experienced recruiter can pass to really help you build a natural confidence.

However, on the flip side to this - I also think that an area where we as consultants can add value to our clients by advising them over a candidate's actual proven track-record. I have to say that some of the best contractors that I have ever had the pleasure of placing and working with, have not always been the best at interview stage. Let's face it, not everyone is a natural sales person and even with all the preparation in the world, people's modesty and humble nature can be a disadvantage at times. This is where our long-term relationships with contractors and our reference checking process can really add value. Our relationships and screening process allow us to provide our clients with a true insight into how a candidate can add value and actually deliver in the job.

All in all, it's quite astonishing what a little confidence can do for both a client and candidate!

For further interview tips and honest consultative advice on how you can continued to build confidence, please do not hesitate to contact us 0151 224 1480
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