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15 minutes with Finance Director Mike Hoyle

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06 Jun 2017
Mike Hoyle joined Sellick Partnership as Financial Controller in January 2014 and this year was promoted to Finance Director. Mike is an ACA qualified Chartered Accountant and has previously worked at some of the most prestigious accountancy firms in the UK. Mike manages a team of six people. As a department, they provide support for around 80 Sellick Partnership staff, more than 550 customers, 700 contractors and over 250 permanent placements. In addition to Mike, the team includes an Accounts Assistant, Credit Controller, three Payroll Assistants who manage contractor payroll and an Accounts Apprentice. 

Why did you choose a career in finance?
My Dad always ran his own travel agent business, so he got me thinking about how a business runs at a very early age. He introduced me to everything from managing cash-flow to how to generate sales. I have also always had a very logical way of thinking which fits well with finance. Whilst studying maths and finance at university I found the specific finance modules very interesting because they tended to be more applied. My interest progressed from there and led me to my first role with Royce Peeling Green where I became ACA qualified and provided a full range of accountancy services to clients of all shapes and sizes.  I then took a pure audit role at BDO which helped polish my technical skills.  It is these experiences that have led me into my current role as Financial Controller at Sellick Partnership.

What do you love most about your current role?
I enjoy the variety of my current role the most, no two days are the same. Within the finance department we do have standard weekly tasks, but these are very much intertwined with ad-hoc requests from clients, candidates and consultants which can be challenging at times but keeps the role exciting. I also really enjoy being the go to person of the business for financial and legal queries.

Mike Hoyle AwardsWhat has been the highlight of your career to date?
Passing my ACA exams was a massive moment in my career and one that has opened so many doors for me. I would also say that receiving glowing reports from our auditors and HMRC inspectors has also been incredibly satisfying.Getting that level of recognition on the work I do with the company makes all the work myself and my team do worthwhile.

What are the biggest challenges facing you as a finance professional in 2017?The integration of our finance function with the business means we are faced with queries that can sometimes be outside our remit. The assumption from people within the business that we know everything, can be challenging to manage.

Legislation changes in the sector will have a significant impact on the way we do business. In particular the IR35 legislation around ‘off-payroll working in the public sector’.

What impact do you think the Finance department should have on business culture?
We are in essence ‘facilitators’. The finance department are there to provide a foundation for the business to thrive upon. I am proud of the fact that our employees have very little worries about finance not delivering on time. The key financial reports are never late. We are here to make the consultants’ job as easy as possible and I really feel we have achieved that, which is extremely satisfying.

What does the future hold for you and your career?

Short to midterm is very much with Sellick Partnership. We have a number of key projects coming up this year and some key legislation changes that the business will need to react to, so I am very keen to help us evolve through those and continue to grow as a business.

Eventually I would like to become a Non-Executive Director operating on a number of company boards, offering strategic financial and business advice. 

What is your advice for anyone looking to carve a successful career in finance?
I have two key pieces of advice. Firstly, you are going to have to work really hard at it – the sector is not easy and there is no wizardry that can make it any easier, particularly when studying. You will often have to study alongside a full-time job which is very challenging.Secondly I would say it is crucial that you understand all the financials in great depth and detail for yourself, it is essential that you understand how everything works and the detail behind it.  This will make it easier for non-financial stakeholders to understand financial information when you are presenting to them. The hardest part is translating the technical aspects and making sure managers understand how it impacts the business, and what practical changes we might need to make to resolve the situation.

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