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15 years of putting people first

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26 Jun 2017

As part of our 15th anniversary celebrations we sat down with Sellick Partnership employees to find out what they love most about working at Sellick Partnership! You can watch what they said in the video above or read their comments below.

Rachel Smith, Office Manager
The best thing about working at Sellick Partnership is definitely the culture, it really is very unique. There is a really positive team environment, everybody encourages and supports one and other, and if you have got an idea or a new initiative, or something that you want to bring to the table then people are open to listening to you. It really is a great place to work.

Simon Briffa, Internal Talent Manager

Without a doubt the best thing about working at Sellick Partnership is the people, and the culture. Everyone is really friendly, everyone is really helpful, everyone wants you to do your best, and there’s always support there {when you need it}.

Bhavisha Dandikar, Market Executive

My favourite Sellick Partnership moment has definitely been helping out with the Manchester Professionals’ Cricket League lunch for two years in a row. It is such a great event. Every year we hold an auction and raffle in aid of St Ann’s Hospice and The Lord’s Taverners and you also get to hear some excellent speakers like Matthew Hoggard and Bill Beaumont and it is just a great afternoon overall. 

Mike Hoyle, Interim Finance Director
I really like the strong supportive culture of Sellick Partnership, if you’ve got an idea you’re going to get the very best support from the Senior Management team and Directors to run with it.

Katie Beverley, Recruitment Consultant
My favourite thing about Sellick Partnership are the people and the managers here, I feel like they are all really supportive and they all help me to be the best possible consultant that I can be.

Wayne Jackson, Recruitment Consultant
My favourite thing about working for Sellick Partnership is the training and development that is on offer for new consultants coming into the business. All training I have received since starting at Sellick Partnership has been really hands on, really bespoke and tailored to me and is delivered in a really practical way to support you in implementing your day-to-day role

Mary Lane, Credit Controller
One of the things I enjoy most about working for Sellick Partnership is that the management structure is not too formal it is more like working alongside your colleagues rather than working for bosses.

Nikki Kinsey, Associate Director
The best times for me at Sellick Partnership is when my team achieve and get the success that they all deserve, there is such a buzz in the office and for me there is nothing better.

Ross Wallace: Recruitment Consultant
What I like best about Sellick Partnership is the knowledge, the guidance and the professionalism of everybody involved.

Lindsay Richey, Principal Consultant
The thing I like most about working at Sellick Partnership is the Teambuilding events that they hold every year. They are a great way to meet people from the other offices and it does really bring us all together as a business as well which is great.

Michael Macfarlane, PR & Marketing Executive 

My favourite Sellick Partnership moment has been working in partnership this year with the Manchester Evening News on our inspiring women event, writing about so many inspiring women in our commentary pieces, attending the event and meeting so many of the women themselves has been a real highlight for me. 

Jemma Bailey, Recruitment Consultant
My favourite thing about working at Sellick Partnership is when we have sales competition days. We all come together in fancy dress, bring in lots of treats and it really drives the competition side of the business and there’s a lot of prizes to win as well which is great.

Sahar Deshmukh, Reception Administrator
I love the fact that everyone is so friendly and supportive including the Directors. When I was fairly new the moment that stuck with me the most was one of the Directors came up to me and thanked me for the work that I was doing and I really appreciated that.

Karen Hogan, Front of House Team Lead
The thing I enjoy most about Sellick Partnership is all the really strong women that I work with, the support team is dominated by women but there are men too, and we are all given a voice and we are all listened too and we have all made real changes.
To read more about Sellick Partnership and what we have bene up to for our 15th anniversary you can visit our dedicated 15th anniversary webpage. 15th anniversary

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