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5 tips for employers when interviewing candidates

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01 Mar 2017
Client InterviewsOver the last 12 months it has come evident that the market for locum legal professionals is predominantly candidate-led. Compared to a few years ago when clients would have a broad selection of candidates to choose from, it is now the case that with the current candidate shortage, the ball is more often than not in the candidate’s court, as they have several options to choose from. Therefore, it is imperative employers ensure their interview process is fine tuned to attract the very best candidates. 

With this in mind, I thought I would give five tips for clients when interviewing candidates, in an attempt to assist with attracting the best talent to your legal services team.

1. First and foremost - be nice and welcoming!

This seems like such a simple thing to say but it is important to remember that no matter how experienced a candidate is, chances are they will be a little nervous, and will need a couple of questions to ease themselves in and steady themselves. A frosty welcome will make it difficult for a candidate to perform to their full potential, so where possible try to make sure you have de-stressed from the day so far and that you have a clear head.

2. Give the candidate the time.

It is a fact of life that everyone is incredibly busy, and that really is unavoidable. That being said, if someone is coming in to meet with you, or even speak on the telephone, make sure you have blocked out sufficient time in your diary so that both you and the candidate can get the most out of the meeting.

3. Give feedback

This is so important to candidates and to recruiters alike. Whether a candidate has done well or not quite hit the mark, it is important that they know why, so that they can go away and work on that element of their interview. The candidate world is a small one, and small gestures like giving feedback go a long way to showing that you have taken the time to provide feedback.

4. Sell yourself!

An interview is not just the candidate selling themselves to you, it is a chance for you to sell yourself as their potential line manager/employer, the team, and the organisation to the candidate. If you have got interesting project work on, tell them about it! If the team have won any awards make sure you let the candidate know. All of these things count when a candidate is deciding if an organisation is suitable for them.

5. Lastly, be fair.

More often than not you will know the requirements of the candidate should they be successful in the role. If you are poles apart in terms of rate or working arrangements really consider whether asking them in to interview is a good use of your or their time. Of course you need to measure whether the candidate is worth their hourly rate or will be a good culture fit. However is not an option, it’s probably the case that they are most likely not right for your role.

All in all, as an experienced Recruitment Consultant, it is becoming evident to me that candidates are now far more interested in the culture, feel and fit of an organisation, as well as the role on offer.  Do you have any tips for conducting interviews? How do you try to secure the best candidate for the role? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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