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7 signs you have been in your job too long

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30 Jan 2017
To stop ourselves drifting in our careers and to make sure that we are getting what we need out of our work life it is important to take stock occasionally, and to ask ourselves whether our current position or firm is what is best or if we are simply staying put for convenience and to avoid rocking the boat. To answer that question, it is important to take a step back and objectively think about things. Below is a list of some behaviours or feelings that may suggest it is time to look at exploring new opportunities:

1. Feeling like you are becoming stagnant – if our work becomes repetitive it can become monotonous. New challenges are often what keep a role fresh and so if you feel stuck in a rut and there is no indication that things can change, it could be time to move on.

2. Struggling to get out bed in the morning – if every morning you dread going in, it is time to evaluate and think about what needs to change to make that feeling go away.

3. No longer feeling stimulated by or enjoying what you do – if you have lost your passion for something and feel like you are going through the motions, a new challenge could be in order.

4. You are not seeking out or taking advantage of opportunities to progress – this can be an indication that you are no longer excited by a position and are no longer motivated to succeed.  

5. You seek out opportunities to avoid doing what needs to be done and your productivity slips – again this is a sign that you are no longer motivated and that it may be time to move on. 

6. You just are not progressing as you had expected – it might be that you love the work and are doing everything you can to progress through a firm but it’s not just happening.  At that point it is sensible to take a step back and ask why; it might be that the firm just is not the right fit or there is not the structure there to progress into and that your career could be furthered elsewhere. 

7. You feel taken for granted – For example, if you have been somewhere for a long time, without sufficient progression or pay reviews and where nothing changes when your concerns are raised. Likewise, you may feel that your professional development is no longer a priority for the firm, for example your appraisals may stop, you could find it hard to take on new work that is outside the scope of what you usually do or investment in your training dries up

If any or a number of the above apply to you and you would like to chat through what these means and what your next steps might be, whether this be trying to deal with things internally or looking at external opportunities, please do give me a call on 0113 243 9775 or email

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