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9 advantages of using a recruitment agency in your job search

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26 Jun 2017
Using a recruitment agencyBack when I was a legal candidate, I automatically gravitated towards using a recruiter and rarely, if ever made direct applications. However, with the number of job boards and platforms such as LinkedIn readily available, it may seem easier to manage your own job search and help to feel like you are in control of your own destiny rather than placing it in someone else’s hands.  So, why should you use a recruiter?

1. Access to opportunities that do not make it to market

Whilst some firms do directly advertise all roles, I work with a lot of clients who prefer to only work through trusted recruiters and a lot of the positions I work on are not advertised by the firm directly, either on their website or through any other media.  Therefore by limiting yourself to direct applications you may be missing out on your dream role!

2. The power of speculative applications

Here at Sellick Partnership we like to work proactively with our candidates and constantly have conversations with our clients to gauge opportunities that may be upcoming within their various departments so that we can cover our candidates off on these before they go out to market. This means that we can get you in front of the client at an early stage and often before they have even considered other candidates. 

3. Job hunting can be time consuming

I know from experience that lawyers are busy people! Job hunting can be a time consuming exercise and it can be difficult to set aside proper time to make sure you are up-to-date with all relevant opportunities. Involving an agent takes this burden off of your shoulders.

4. Specialist market knowledge

At Sellick Partnership each consultant focuses purely on a specific geographical area, meaning that we have a firm grip on market trends within our patch. We have also developed strong, long-standing client relationships, which we use to the benefit of our candidates so that they are not operating within a vacuum whilst conducting their job hunt.

5. Wider knowledge of firms

Whilst you will likely have knowledge of your current firm’s competitors, firms that others have worked with and local firms, it is unlikely that you will be aware of every suitable firm within the locations you are looking at and when conducting direct searches may therefore miss opportunities. We are able to suggest firms you might not have thought of, increasing your chances again of securing that next role.

6. More detailed job specifications

When applying direct you will often be working off a generic advert and this can make it difficult to decide if the job is suitable. As a recruiter however, I speak with my clients and try to obtain more detailed information as to the firm and the position that I know my candidates will want to know. This can assist in making the decision as to whether or not you want to apply for the position and, if so, can also be used to tailor your CV accordingly.

7. CV and interview support

At Sellick Partnership our job is not just limited to submitting you for roles, we want to support you through the entire recruitment process!  This includes using our experience to help make your CV give you the best chance at standing out, providing detailed interview notes to help you prepare and speaking to you in depth before the interview – sharing all our knowledge on the firm and the role.  

8. Offer negotiation

Offer packages can be a tricky subject and many of the candidates I speak to who have obtained roles direct in the past feel like they did not get the best package they could. Many candidates feel awkward to negotiate themselves or are unaware of what salary they should be asking for. We are better placed to advise on market rates and of course to have those all-important negotiations to give you the best chance at securing the package you deserve.

9. Obtaining feedback

Again, an issue candidates who apply direct for a role find they do not hear further and that it is difficult to know who to chase or to feel like they can press for feedback. My clients know that I expect feedback on my candidates and that if they do not come back to me in good time when a CV is sent or an interview takes place that I will chase them until I obtain this!

So, the next time you sit down to trawl though the web to see what opportunities are out there, why don’t you pick up the phone to one of us instead? It may just land you your dream job! 
If you are looking for assistance with your job search, please get in touch by emailing or browse through our latest roles. Browse Roles. 

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