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A smooth transition from trainee to NQ

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30 Sep 2016

It is that time of the year when many training contracts will be nearing an end and trainees qualifying early next year should be actively considering their next steps. If you are qualifying at this time its key that you look at your options as early as possible to get a feel for the current market.

Finding a newly qualified job can be stressful. I moved firms upon qualification and I vividly remember the feeling of uncertainty! Given that training contracts are quite often found directly, many soon to be NQs may have not used recruitment agencies before or know how to best manage the recruitment process.

Whilst not all NQ positions will have been released just yet, NQ positions are definitely something firms are thinking about now that year-end is out of the way and we are already working on or seen filled a number of NQ positions. For those who are qualifying, we have listed three key pieces of advice you should consider before making your next move. 

Overhaul your CV

At the stage you are applying for training contracts, you may not have had any practical legal experience outside of work placements or education. Your CV is therefore likely to be focused on transferable skills and academic or other achievements that show you have what it takes.  By the time you qualify you will have obtained plenty of legal experience and so it is only natural that the focus of your CV is going to change to concentrate on this. I therefore recommend completely starting from scratch with your CV. For further advice on how to tailor your CV to your role, please click here

Get a feel for what is in the market

Even if you are likely to stay at your current firm, it is worth getting a feel for what is going on in the market to make sure you have all the information you need to make your decision and what you need to do to prepare for the possibility of having to look externally. Having market awareness may also help if you are torn between qualifying into two different areas.

Don’t wait for firms to release their NQ positions before getting in touch with us

This is particularly important if you already know you are going to have to look externally for a NQ job. We are speaking with our clients all the time and their potential NQ requirements is currently a hot topic. If we know what you are looking for now, we can therefore let you know of firms where there may be a need, rather than you waiting for active positions to be advertised and then applying along with everyone else!

If you are a soon to be newly qualified and need any advice on the current market or want to explore your options outside of your current firm, please do give me a ring on 0113 243 9775 or send me an email to Alternatively, browse our latest NQ roles. Browse Roles

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