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Advice from a recruitment newbie

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14 Aug 2017
Starting a career in recruitmentStarting a career in the recruitment industry can be a daunting prospect and is never going to be easy. The first few months for anyone starting a new job is one of transition and it can often take a while for you to truly settle in. From the outset, recruitment can be intense and often very challenging, however it can also be extremely rewarding. Here are my top tips to anyone wishing to start their career in recruitment.

Tackle the challenges head-on

You may often face challenges such as candidates letting you down last minute or losing candidates and roles to other agencies. Yet the secret is to always ‘get back on that horse.’ I think that one of the most important factors in achieving success in this line of work is to always put in maximum effort, even if at the time, it does not seem as though it is worth it. It is crucial to maintain a level head and to always remember the task at hand. For example, if you make 30 phone calls in a day, only six or seven of those may come to fruition and signal a job well done.  

Maintain a healthy work/life balance 

It is extremely important that even in the early stages of your new job you maintain a healthy work/life balance. I strongly believe that in order to maintain a positive attitude in the workplace you must be able to separate your work from your personal life. This allows you to walk into work every morning with a fresh and clear head, ready to take on whatever lies ahead.

Build strong relationships 

It is also essential that you are personable, approachable and empathetic at all times to build longstanding relationships with both clients and candidates. The same ethos applies with your colleagues – building relationships with your peers helps to build a support system which is crucial in developing a positive working environment. Luckily, I am surrounded by confident, hardworking and encouraging colleagues who have made the transition into recruitment that much easier. Here at Sellick Partnership, both teamwork and independent entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged to create a dynamic working culture.

One of the most defining moments as a novice recruiter is your first placement. For me, this made a huge impact as trainee in recruitment. The time, effort and commitment that I had invested in the first few weeks of my job paid off in the single moment I was told I had place my first candidate! It was such a fantastic feeling to know that I had placed a candidate in a role that was perfect for them. 

All in all, whilst recruitment has its ups and downs, it certainly is one of the most rewarding fields of work that I have experienced. If you are thinking about taking a role in recruitment then I would have to say to jump in with two feet first!
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