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Agile Cultures – winning the ‘war for talent'

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19 Sep 2016
I read an article with interest this week which surveyed 1,000 ‘live’ candidates looking for work. It found that candidates are becoming increasingly impatient with their job hunt and it seems this summer that it’s not just the candidates but also the clients we deal with are equally frustrated! 

To be blunt, the frustration is borne out of lengthy drawn out recruitment processes and in many cases the matching process has not occurred, simply because of a lack of pace and urgency. Now I’ve been in recruitment for a good while and it’s never been so apparent as this summer that the savvier clients and candidates who have acted decisively have grabbed themselves either the best roles or the best talent.   

So many client seem to be bemoaning the layers of bureaucracy and drawn out process which has left them often settling for second best and losing out on candidates. Similarly, if candidates who are not so serious about changing roles and this hasn’t become the focus of their energy, have regretted missing out on great opportunities. 

According to the research, the key factors which deter candidates from applying and avoiding certain businesses are not the traditional ones such as bad reputation of company, perceived high staff turnover and poor management. In fact, nearly 20 percent are put off by unclear job descriptions and another 20 percent revealed that both the long recruitment process and poor communication are top of the list in taking one company seriously over another.
People haven’t changed, the pace has changed! People want to be wanted, like to be liked etc so if they are left hanging and do not receive feedback following an application or interview, then they inevitably do not feel valued and human nature dictates that they will not be attracted to that particular company/organisation. 

Our culture is straight talking and we’ve also advised to slicken the process, communicate throughout the process (verbally!) and make quicker decisions if you really want to secure the right candidate – it simply sends out the right messages and reflects the instant, here and now society. The old tired argument is ‘another good one will turn up again’ simply doesn’t work anymore as there is a talent shortage (as the whole industry keeps reminding us is going to get worse as demographics change) and more importantly if too much time is taken then the better applicants will be put off (again) and you’ll have to settle for second best. 

Company perception and image is so important in today’s market, re-advertised roles give the wrong impression about places and comments such as ‘they always seem to be recruiting’ can be way off the mark but simply down to a lack of pace! We need process and checks, but layers of bureaucracy are genuinely stopping businesses grow in most cases and the agile cultures are winning!       

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