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Alternative business shambles

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21 Jan 2016
In the beginning of the Alternative Business Structure (ABS) there were seen to be new benefits arising to the average UK legal customer. Court actions were going to be easier and faster with the streamlining of the service and allowance for non-traditional forms of business structure.

The question is and still remains; is this the right move for the legal field?

While some circles would say that in the long run it is justice that will pay, in the short term the savings that can be seen from such a system cannot be argued with.

The flexibility within the legal system’s approach must be something that is considerable as it has been pointed out that there are some cases that just would not benefit from being put through such a fractured legal service. The recent child abuse and phone hacking scandals are the types of cases that demand a full legal process.

With the higher likelihood that cases will be dealt with swiftly and short as possible under this new structure, we begin to wonder the potential risk this poses to the victims. A quick wrap up in a case could possibly hinder the time it takes to make key points. It also suggests that a guilty party could be said to be at risk of being under represented.

The way forward within an Alternative Business Structure in the UK legal system will create fast and inexpensive trials while the result of this means that senior lawyers end up not being around to guide junior, inexperienced lawyers to the best end for their client. Obviously this will have an impact on everyone regardless of what side of the bench you are on.

The Parabis Group were set to be the forerunners in the change, being the first private equity backed ABS. Unfortunately, due to cash-flow issues, a huge amount of debt and the recent administration of the company it suggests a slow introduction and questions the future of the ABS. 

What are your thoughts? Do you think ABS is an innovative approach or an inevitable disaster. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Alternatively to receive updates on the latest news in the legal landscape sign up for our quarterly newsletter here...
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