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Are you diluting your brand?

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11 Jul 2016

Finding a new job can be both a nerve-racking and exciting time, but it is crucial your job search etiquette is on top form. Prior to securing my role at Sellick Partnership, I was reluctant to send my CV to different agencies, with a fear that it could end up in the wrong hands. I wanted to ensure I knew whose desk my CV was landing on and to stay in control of the process. I kept a note of who my CV was being sent to and kept in touch with my Rec2Rec regarding a couple of roles, so I had clear visibility of the roles I was applying and the progress of my application.

However, far too often, what appears to be happening in the market is complete miscommunication about who has applied for what and by which means, and both recruitment agencies and candidates can be the root of this problem. In the past, I have come across candidate who are applying for roles directly and then applying for the same role again via an agency. Even when given the name of the company, the location, the job description, they still fail to realise they have already applied. What impression must this give to a client when their CV reaches them for the second time? From a candidate’s perspective, it shows a distinct lack of attention to detail but can also make recruitment consultants look incompetent - and we are usually the ones who get tarred with the same brush!

I’m very conscious of spending time speaking to, meeting and trusting my candidates with the names of companies, otherwise, how are they going to make a considered decision about whether a business is right for them? However even when I do this, it appears candidates are not being briefed by other agencies in the same way causing duplicate applications. This can be frustrating for all parties as this really does dilute people’s power on the market and puts a bad taste in clients’ mouths. However, this can have a significant impact on an applicants’ personal brand, as it shows a lack of attention to detail as well as an unorganised individual. Even if you are not told a company name, it is important to pay attention to the details of the role and if it sounds similar to something you’ve already been spoken to about then make the consultant aware!

On the other side of things, I recently discussed a role at length with a candidate, giving him extensive details about the role and the company later submitting his CV to the client. Upon doing this the client chose to interview him. The next day another agency contacted him about the same role, at which point he told them had already been put forward by Sellick Partnership. Despite this, the consultant contacted the recruiting manager to check whether his application had been received – obviously he was pretty annoyed about this. In one fail swoop his data protection had been breached and his profile potentially damaged. Fortunately this wasn’t the case but it could easily have been!

What’s the answer? We all need to be more aware of how are actions can jeopardise our futures.


If you are applying for numerous role, you must be more aware of where your CVs are being sent. Although this can be difficult as lots of role are advertised through agencies and it roles are not always clear on jobs boards, it will pay off enormously. Work with agencies who you trust, who have your best interests at heart and who invest time in finding a job that is right for you, otherwise why are you working with them? Keep a note of the roles you are applying for and be firm with agencies about how you want them to work on your details – if you don’t want your CV sent all over the show then say so.


Consultants in the industry must treat people as they would want to be treated; I would hate to think I had jeopardised an applicant’s chance to secure a job due to a moment of desperation or selfishness.


Client should be aware that the blame often isn’t on the agency/consultant – there have been a countless amount of times where I’ve told someone about a job and they have already applied. But as you well know, the more agencies you use the more chance there is of duplication.  

Whether you’re a candidate or agency, you have a brand and it’s important not to dilute it because as we know, bad news travels faster than good!

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