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Clock off, switch off

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17 Dec 2015

I thought that in this blog I would share what I found to be a really interesting read, following an article that was sent to me about Britons not making the most of their annual holiday allowance. In this report it was stated that up to 45 per cent of employees would be happy to sacrifice holiday for work, with a quarter suggesting that they would rather work than leave anything undone or fall behind.

It also reported that for those of us that do take time out, almost half (48 per cent) admit to checking emails or doing some work during their break. So why is this? Many people feel that they are unable to get away because they feel that their work is either too demanding or they are too busy and feel indispensable.

I'm personally all for taking leave and an advocate for clocking off and shutting off, with research in support of this, suggesting that rest leads to increased productivity. It has been found that the quality of an individuals' break is more important than how long it is, so those of us that don't utilise this opportunity, to forget about the world of work, then you won't see the benefits of recovery. With up to 54 per cent willing to forgo an average of three days leave each year, I think more should be done to encourage individuals to make the most of their allowance and to maximise the benefits to them.

It has been suggested that holidaymakers can recover from stress and improved sleep quality, against those individuals that stay at home, as health depreciates. In a report, by Kuoni Travel and Nuffield Health called 'Revealed: how holidays help you live longer', it was stated that "taking the right kind of holiday can lower stress levels, improve resilience to stress, and therefore improve one's mental and physical health". 

So why not give it a go- clock off and switch off! 

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