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Commuter etiquette

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23 Nov 2015
A question every recruiter gets is "how far is it to travel?”A commute can make or break a successful placement. Many of our locums stay away in B&Bs and hotels which makes them more marketable and successful in the locum market. On the permanent side the commute is a significant part of the day and it can often set the day off to a bad or good start and finish on a high or low.

As a public transport commuter myself I try and be as invisible as possible as to not to annoy anybody. Everybody has a different commuter ritual but here are a list of do's and don'ts to make the journey easier for everyone: 

  • Wear deodorant - the average person commutes for 30minutes to an hour everyday twice that's a long time together which is made even worse if there is body odour to contend with
  • Make yourself as small as possible i.e. do not take up two seats with bags/coats - this means that everybody can get on and more seats are available
  • Respect other people's space - its tight on public transport but make sure that if the train/bus is busy the people around you still have space to breath
  • Get off the train/bus and back on as required - If you are standing because its busy it's much easier if you get off the train/bus with everybody at each stop and get back on, this makes it easier for everybody who needs to get off to do so without squashing anybody 
  • Say hello to the people to get on the train/bus with every day - it sounds silly but actually a smile and a hi can make somebody's day 
  • Be aware of who is around you - I am only 5ft 3inch so can very easily lost behind the 6ft 2inch man and have almost missed my station several times as I could not get his attention to move
  • Be aware of your surroundings - If you have music or a film playing in your ears, make sure you are still able to hear what is going on around you for own safety as well as being able to hear other people. 

  • Wear really strong scents - like with body odour a very strong perfume/cologne can make a journey just as miserable and leave everybody with a headache
  • Moan - there is nothing worse than somebody announcing how "disgraceful the trains are” we know, we get it, we are on the same train, we are all squashed and it is the same every day
  • Have your music on so loud the people in the next carriage can hear - for starters it is bad for your ears and secondly we don't need to hear it too it's your music for your personal entertainment
  • Try and get a bike/luggage on a very full train - get the next one, there is no room for a small child never mind a bike
  • Intentionally be in the way - we can all see what you are doing and we are all talking about you
  • Have your phone on loud speaker - nobody else needs to hear your conversation
  • Be rowdy - If you have had a drink or few before getting on the train/bus do not be intimidating and rude to other passengers- make sure you are in a fit state to travel
  • Swear - you don't know who is around you, there might be children who do not need to hear it T

To conclude, it is mostly common sense, nobody likes commuting but sadly it is a part of life. To make it a more enjoyable part of your day the above might just help a bit.
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