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Could social media kill your career?

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02 Feb 2016
You’ve spent hours putting together that perfect CV and crafted the perfect, tailored covering letter that highlights exactly why should be your target company’s newest employee. You’re super-confident, you’re going to nail the interview. You know everything about the company and you know you would fit in perfectly. You start visualising yourself at your new office. Maybe the colleague in the office next door will become your new work BFF. I wonder where you should go for lunch. Never mind that, what are you going to wear for the Christmas party?! And then you get it. That email that shatters your dreams with just a few small sentences. “Thank you for your application, but I regret to inform you that have not been shortlisted for interview upon this occasion. We thank you for your interest in Perfect Job For You”. 

Oh no. It's over. Why?! Of course there could be a hundred reasons why you haven’t been shortlisted. Perhaps the job really was perfect and 25 more qualified people applied for it also. Perhaps you made some spelling mistakes in that covering letter. Perhaps you didn’t detail all of your relevant experience on your CV. Or perhaps… your social media presence let you down. 

I’m an employer, and I have a guilty secret. Before I offer anybody a position with Sellick Partnership I do an incredibly thorough review of your social media profiles. More people than you think do. In fact, 69% of employers have rejected candidates based on their social media activity. 69%!! That’s huge. What did they find? 

Apparently the top reasons for rejection are: 

  • Posting inappropriate comments or photos
  • Negative comments about a previous employer
  • Demonstrating poor communication skills 
  • Posts about drinking / taking drugs
  • Discriminatory comments

Take another look at your Facebook profile. That profile picture that you think is hilarious… what does it say about you to an employer? Twitter… what are you re-tweeting? Who do you follow? The obvious one is LinkedIn – make sure it shines! 

Lastly if you do want to share everything with the world… take a look at your privacy settings and make sure you are happy with what the outside world can see. You never know who might be looking. 

For more careers advice, why not get in touch by contacting me on 0113 243 9775 or check out more information in our latest Slideshare here.  View Slideshare 

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