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Count yourself lucky, you aren’t one in 900,000

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22 Dec 2015

A recent study by the TUC, the national trade union centre in the UK, suggests 9000,000 Britons will be working on Christmas Day.

As recruitment specialists and lawyers we are often lucky enough to be able to have at least a few days off over the Christmas period.

The study suggests the majority of these working over Christmas are care workers – it is estimated that 168,000 will be working a shift on Christmas day. Unsurprisingly, there will also be 89,000 nurses, 17,000 doctors and 46,000 nursing assistants working predominantly in the NHS. As well as keeping us healthy over Christmas, we are also kept safe by over 22,000 police officers on duty and 28,000 security guards around. To help with the religious side of the holiday, there will be 20,000 members of the clergy holding services across the country.

One of the biggest sectors employing workings over Christmas is, predictably, the hospitality sector. There will be 15,000 waiters, 13,000 bar staff and 42,000 chefs working on Christmas Day to ensure everyone has a great day! The study also revealed that where you live will also affect your chances of working on Christmas day with only 1 in 47 likely to be at work in London, compared to the North Eat where you have the greatest chance with 1 in 28 working.

So whilst your opening your presents and tucking into your delicious Christmas Dinner surrounded by family, Frances O’Grady, general secretary of TUC suggests we should “spare a thought for the people who will be hard at work” keeping us healthy, safe and happy.

If the thought of going back to work in the New Year fills you with dread, give me a call on 01132 439775 to discuss new opportunities…and most of all - enjoy Christmas and the whole festive period if you’re lucky enough not to be working!

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