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Crewe: the new gateway to the North?

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06 Jan 2016
At the end of November, it was confirmed that the proposed high speed link from London to the North West will run via Crewe, rather than Stoke on Trent. Additionally, the line is planned to be operational in 2027, six years earlier than planned. This decision has been labelled as a “game changer” for Cheshire and, whilst it will not be confirmed until next year, it appears more likely that Crewe will become the first Northern hub station for the line.

Clearly this is going to have a significant beneficial impact on not only Crewe but South Cheshire and the wider area as a whole. Cheshire East expect that HS2 and a new hub station at Crewe could lead to 100,000 new homes and 12,5000 new jobs in North Staffordshire and South Cheshire and an injection of £10bn a year into the wider region’s economy by 2040. Such growth will obviously lead to great benefits for law firms in the region.

New homes and growth in the local economy will mean a greater client pool and faster travel times to the South (the new line will cut down journey times from Crewe to London to under an hour) will open Cheshire to new talent.

All of this makes South Cheshire a great location for firms looking to expand in or into the North West and is also likely to make smaller practices that are already established in that area prime targets for mergers.

We are currently very active in the Cheshire area, working with some great firms on both permanent and temporary positions, including one firm that has recently expanded into South Cheshire in part as a result of the benefits that HS2 will bring to the area. For those looking for an alternative to working in Manchester or Liverpool City Centres, Cheshire is a great option and HS2 and the potential Crewe hub station is likely to only boost its popularity and the growth of local law firms.

What are your views about the recent announcement? If you would like to discuss further or have a conversation about current opportunities in the Cheshire area then contact me on 0113 243 9775 or email me at

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