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CVs: how creative should you get?

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09 Feb 2016
It seems that more often than not we are now receiving CV’s that cross the boundaries of a professional document into a work of art in itself. On a day to day basis our team receive a high volume of CV’s of all shapes and sizes. Some with graphics, images, fancy borders and fonts or even just something as simple a colour injection. But when should you take it back to basics and keep it simple?

The most important things to consider here is what impression to you want to give and what kind of role are you applying for. In a time when first impressions are everything, how do you want to be perceived? A CV is more often than not, the first thing a consultant or potential employer will see. It is a way to showcase yourself, your qualifications, history and ultimately your talent. Are your intricate designs and bright colours distracting from the content?

If you were to be applying for a creative position or an industry where this could only aid your CV and first impression, in a positive way, then using your creative skills could be an advantage to stand out. However in a more professional or corporate capacity, letting the content do the talking is key. For example in a finance role, an employer is going to be more interested in your ability to produce a report more so than how you could possibly decorate said report.

The most important thing to remember is to always consider how you want to be perceived….know your audience!

If you would like further tips on perfecting your CV, check out our candidate resources page. Candidate Resources

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