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Feel like you don't have time to take your annual leave…..

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24 Jul 2015
I have just come back from what was a trip of a lifetime - a road trip around California. Now, I have not started this blog just to reminisce about my exciting adventure - well maybe a little- but most importantly, it made me re-think the benefits of annual leave, not only myself but also my team.

Sometimes you can get so wrapped up in work that when your holiday actually arrives you feel like you can't possible take it and that maybe you should have booked one week rather than two. That's exactly how I felt before I went away however here a few key reasons why I am so glad that I did and why you should:

•    Holidays allow us to switch off and re-charge the batteries
•    They remind you why you go to work every day. For me at least, holiday/traveling is extremely important really motivate me to keep performing at work so that I can keep enjoying great trips away
•    They give you time to re-forces and a bit of breathing space to re-asses if your career and future are on the right track
•    When you return, and of course, after you are over the initial holiday blues - they allow you be more focused and energised
•    They stop you from feeling that sense of burn out and allow you to remain positive and optimistic through exciting new challenges at work
•    It may seem trivial, but time awat can simply put you in a better mood, which in turn contributes to the whole office environment.

As a manager, I know that it is my job to ensure that the team are fully engaged and this also involves making sure that everyone (including myself) takes that well deserved break!

What I would say is that for you to truly enjoy you holiday, you should prepare the following;

•    Make sure that you have spent time on a thorough and informative handover so that your colleagues can support you the best they can
•    I know that we are all very pivotal to the success of the company - however, my advice is switch those emails off where ever you can. This will give you a much needed break but also shows real trust in your colleagues and peers

Having said all that, I think I have motivated myself to start looking at my next trip! Whether it be a Safari in Africa, a week in Spain or just time off in your back garden at home - make sure that you take that holiday and truly make the most of it!

For me, a business will really benefit when it has a fully rested, fully engaged and fully switch on employees upon your return.

Don't forget the sun screen!

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