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Five advantages of being a mini-entrepreneur

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15 Nov 2017
As the recruitment market become more competitive, the demand for temporary workers is bringing with it a whole new breed of candidates being dubbed as mini-entrepreneurs. It can be said that the risk inherent in temporary employment is not unlike the risk in starting one’s own business, which is why so many temps are being called mini-entrepreneurs. Whatever your industry sector there are numerous advantages to be gained from working on a temporary contract. We have outlined the key benefits of temporary working below.

Financial benefits
Generally temporary assignments and contract work pay more than permanent positions, particularly when premium and niche skill sets are in demand.

For example some contractors can earn over £100k a year in non-management roles. Similar salary levels are unlikely in the permanent market without reaching senior management positions. Some highly skilled temporary workers will be able to consistently earn six figure incomes by continually learning and developing their skills for the market in which they work.

Increased job satisfaction
Temporary working provides candidates with the freedom to choose where to work, when to work there and what area to work in. If they do not like a particular area or organisation they have the option to move on quickly without question, meaning they are in complete control and can make sure they are satisfied with each assignment they take on.

Skills development
Without training and career progression work can become very dull with job satisfaction and morale plummeting, and it can often be difficult to learn new skills and develop professionally. With temporary working, a candidate is in complete control of their own professional destiny. They are able to choose what assignments they work on, meaning they can develop the niche skillsets they need to command the best rates and the most desirable assignments.

Spared office politics
Contractors are independent from their clients, and unless in an interim management role, do not become line managers. There is no pressure to put in excessive hours, work weekends or strive for promotions to secure wage increases.

It is incredible how motivated many people feel when they have control over their own career. Contractors have the option to take breaks between contracts, and no longer have to work around a set timeframe. Within reason contractors can also set their own working hours, and choose only to work at organisations that will honour their need for a better work/life balance.
As you can see there are many benefits of temporary working, if you would like more information on how you could take advantage of these benefits please contact us on 0161 834 1642. Alternatively you can view our latest roles by following the below link. Latest roles

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