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Golden Years

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18 Oct 2016

My colleagues Rayhaneh and Kate have both recently written about Newly Qualified Solicitors, the current market, opportunities, as well as offering tips for securing a new role. I thought I would look at the other end of the spectrum and consider those candidates and the market for Lawyers who have perhaps retired, or had enough of the day-to-day grind.

We often have candidates register with us who have perhaps worked the majority or entire of their career, and no longer want the full-time, five day per week commitment that a permanent job usually encompasses. That being said, whilst retirement sounds wonderful and is something we all look forward to, we often find that after a while, candidates are keen to keep their hand in work, perhaps two to three days a week, if not more.

Unsurprisingly, candidates at this level are in high demand!! Usually they have worked in local government for several years, having had exposure to numerous areas of law, as well as in some cases, working at a very senior level. More and more opportunities are becoming available for candidates at this level because:

  • As local government organisations are under more pressure to save money and meet budget, teams are being restructured which inevitably involve redundancies. That being said, a pattern we see is that in a few months’ time the work is still there, without anyone in post to deal with it, hence the need.

  • Restructures in themselves often mean that we receive instructions for candidates who have had experience dealing with exactly that, restructuring teams, advising members, making strategic decisions.

  • In a similar vein, more and more authorities are going into shared working arrangements. This is an extremely complicated procedure, and often requires candidates who have worked at a strategic, senior level who can objectively advise on the best practice and procedure to make the shared working arrangement as conducive and effective as possible.

  • They have the experience! It goes without saying that if you have worked in local government for a long time, you know the ropes, have the knowledge base, and more often than not, will be able to go in and hit the ground running, which is exactly what our clients are looking for. 

Have you recently taken retirement or redundancy, and are looking for a more flexible working arrangement, perhaps to fit around your other commitments or hobbies? If so, I would love to hear from you and discuss what would work for you, and how Sellick Partnership might be able to help.

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