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Graduates in the workplace

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17 May 2017
graduates-in-workIt is no secret that the job market for new graduates in recent years has been difficult and recent reports suggest that not only do graduates struggle to find work after university, but they also ‘lack basic workplace skills’. 

For the younger generation, one of the most difficult hurdles to clear is a lack of experience. For some employers, if you have not worked in a similar environment previously then you stand little chance of being considered for available opportunities. Surely this is a catch 22 situation - how is someone meant to obtain knowledge and skills within a particular field if not given a chance?

Of course there are internships and graduate schemes where said experience is not essential, but these tend to pay little or no money and with recent debt acquired during student years, such options are sometimes not viable. 

In addition to experience, attitude can also be a stumbling block. A common misconception is that younger individuals are not committed to work and are simply working to fund holidays and a party lifestyle. While this may be the case for some, the majority are keen to build a solid career, their independence and value feeling ‘able to be successful in their organisation’. 

Rather than addressing the negatives and obstacles that may arise when employing a young new recruit, employers need to focus on the benefits they can bring to their organisation:
  • Graduates and young professionals can be molded to company values. 
  • Nurturing people at the beginning of their career will motivate them, resulting in determination and a willingness to learn.
  • Investing in employees at a younger age will also bring returns in commitment and loyalty.
  • Their young, fresh attitude will create a whole new dynamic within a team, bringing energy and enthusiasm.

Junior professionals are also amongst those suffering, particularly within finance; those who have studied at university and worked in finance but are not fully qualified in their field (ACCA, CIMA and ACA) face the challenge of proving they are 'qualified by experience' and can also feel discriminated against. Employers need to understand that people are trying to gain knowledge and skills and educate themselves but they often will not look beyond the job title and time spent within said job on a candidate's CV. 

Society needs to change how they view 'experience' - and, until then, our young professionals are going to struggle. Who can we expect to take over our current workforce if the younger generation are not given the opportunity to do so?

If you are an employer looking to hire a graduate, please get in touch by calling 0191 261 8585. Alternatively, if you are a graduate looking for your first role browse our latest roles. Browse Roles 

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