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Happiness is an inside job

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16 May 2016
After 10 years in recruitment I think I have finally mastered not letting the day-to-day knocks get me down. However I know it is difficult to pick yourself up after a bad day or to motivate yourself after a run of bad luck (and we’ve all been there!). Those who don’t work in recruitment,  I imagine think that it’s a pretty easy job; get a vacancy on, find a candidate, place it. I wish! Our product is ‘people’ and the number of factors which can affect whether our placements work out is endless. Additionally, it’s now a stereotypical trait of recruitment, that when things start to go badly, we almost embody the negativity and other things start going wrong too so it’s best to nip it in the bud early.

So how do you stop the daily grind affecting your peace of mind, happiness and overall motivation?

Key things to remember are to not put conditions on your happiness or peace of mind such as saying “I’m not going to be happy until…” and trying to see the positive in everything, even when things don’t go our way. I personally believe that “everything happens for a reason” so when things don’t go well I don’t take it to heart, I believe that something good is around the corner. It is this kind of mind set that works for me, and I know I’m a very happy person.

In order to have a peaceful mind in both our personal and work lives, we need to be aware of what triggers our negatively, bad moods or stress levels and remind ourselves that in the long-term, it usually won’t matter.

As is the concept with meditation, ultimately, we have the choice to allow external factors to affect our minds or not. This is something that happens through practice until it starts happening naturally.

Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace.” - Joan Borysenko

So the next time you feel a negative thought rise to the surface or make a knee jerk reaction about something which has upset you – practice thinking more positively and I promise you, over time, you will notice the difference and it will improve your overall mood both in and outside of work.
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