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Happy Birthday Sellick

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20 Apr 2012

Last night Sellick Partnership celebrated its 10th birthday party, which was attended by the entire Sellick family from our various regional offices. As a result I sit here now writing this blog at 14:33 on a Friday afternoon with the worlds worst headache (so bad that I have been constantly knocking back painkillers since waking up)… totally worth it though.

The day started like any other normal day at Sellick… Coffee, bacon sandwich, make some calls, place some jobs… until 1pm, when we whisked ourselves off to Manchester to meet with the rest of the company in the pub and then go bowling. Sellick Partnership staff had some interesting techniques, although Abigail Day's drop and roll technique was a personal favourite of mine - and of course all the while the drinks kept flowing.

Next stop the party! Picture the scene - 50 recruitment consultants, cake and a free bar. Highlights of the evening include the Sellick Partnership quartet with Aaron, Ben, James and myself (we sang the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme tune like we were actual sopranos) and Jo Sellick's speech, which he delivered with pride, conviction and sincerity. The list is endless... I should also mention Stephanie Sheard's amazing singing, air guitar solos to Bon Jovi and fish shaped balloons, which even though I don't fully understand I really like.

Finishing at 11? I think not. Off we go to another bar. Even at the time I knew that this wasn't a great idea but I went anyway. A few more hours passed and a lot of fun was had as we danced the night away. Even though as I write this I have an unexplainable stitch in my stomach, a furry mouth and feet that are still throbbing from my shoes, I could do it all over again.

To a lot of people work functions are seen as a necessary evil. Sellick Partnership are proof that it doesn't have to be that way. I think I can speak for all of the Sellick staff when I say that we love working for a forward thinking company who embrace creating good relationships with employees and promote a strong culture. Ultimately, if you work hard sometimes it's nice to play hard.

A very Happy Birthday to Sellick Partnership! Here's to many more...

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