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How important is finding your next role?

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26 Aug 2015

Over the last few months I realised that I didn't utilise LinkedIn as much as my colleagues in the office and as part of my ongoing development I decided this was an area I wanted to focus on. I have targeted myself to increase my connections, and not only post statuses but to ensure that those statuses are relevant to my connections.

More and more, we are recruiting for roles with either a unique skill set or experience of working within a specialist area, particularly within the Public Sector. Across the board, we all use LinkedIn to find those candidates who may have the requirements for the role we're recruiting for, and nine times out of ten this is more fruitful than looking at candidates who have posted their CV on job boards.

Speaking with candidates they are advising me they are contacted through LinkedIn from various sources about opportunities they might be interested in, and especially for the professional Interim, it is rare that I hear a candidate say 'I'm not on LinkedIn'. If you are looking to hear about other opportunities and use LinkedIn as a means to do that then hear are a few guides to get the most relevant opportunities 'sent your way'.

  • Keep your profile up to date - Ensure your most recent role is on there     
  • Include the relevant contact information - this way potential employers/recruiters can contact you about opportunities
  • State what type of roles they are - are you there permanently or on an interim basis?
  • What are you looking for - be as obvious to say 'I am interested in hearing about…'
  • Include detail of what you have done against each role - For example, a Recruiter contacts you about an opportunity you are interested in - they agree to put your CV across, but it is an urgent vacancy and you don't have access to your CV - if your employment and study history is on your LinkedIn profile that could be used in the meantime and would prevent you from missing out on an opportunity
  • Keep your skills updated - you may have just started a new role which requires you working in a different industry or sector or learning a skill which you haven't done before
  • Don't forget to get endorsements - if you have worked with people ask them to endorse you through LinkedIn - it shows your credibility
  • Use your status- if you're in between contracts and looking for your next, why not post a status to say so - connections can share this, and before you know it it's been seen by the right person who can secure you that next rol
  • Check your news feed - Recruiters will post roles that they are recruiting for that may be of interest to you

If you would like further advice on how to improve your LinkedIn profile, give me a call to discuss now on 01332 542580. 

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